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Simon and Garfunkel – The Complete Columbia Album Collection – Vinyl Box Set (2015)

In the press reports I saw there was no mention of where this new box set was “cut”. They said newly remastered from first-generation analog sources; but cut by who? pressed where? Concerned that the EU MOV 6lp box may … Continue reading

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Let’s go surfin’ – Listening to the Analogue Productions Beach Boy vinyl reissues while it snows

  Judging by the hits on my blog, by far and away the most popular thing I have written  about (and I didn’t write that much) was about the upcoming vinyl record re-issues by Analogue Productions of some of the Beach Boys catalogue. … Continue reading

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The Vinyl revival – Upcoming treaures for 2014 – Another Update

Check out the new videos on Mr Fremer’s analog planet.com. After months of wondering what happened…..they have been announced. Yes, some of the Analogue Productions Beach Boys albums on 200gm vinyl have got release dates! The first batch, comprising  the … Continue reading

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VPI Tonearm Comparison: File Identities Revealed! | Analog Planet

Technlogy and things printed by computor!  The link it to an “experiment” between two versions of the same record pick-up arm – one made by traditional engineering methods and the other was 3-d printed – is this the future?  I … Continue reading

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Musings on Record Store Day 2014

Update: 29 April – Neil Young’s “A Letter  Home” is on general release from Third Man Records – and there is a super doopa box set version for order as well – I just feel sorry for those who were … Continue reading

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Record Store Day 2014 and…. – The Vinyl Revival Continues

As many vinyl hounds will know the 2014 Record Store Day is looming up fast.  This is the day when lots of special issues and reissues are released in limited quantities.  And to get your copy of the item(s) on … Continue reading

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how many “Idle Moments” can you have? The vinyl revival continues

One of the first “Blue Note’s” I bought and liked was Grant Green’s great 1963 album Idle Moments.  Up to that point most Blue Notes I had heard I thought were pretty insipid and wondered what all the fuss was … Continue reading

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