Expecting Rain


Live, sometimes he is excellent, other times not. Just checked my list and this is the 13th time since 1978 I have caught him live and some I am struggling to remember for the right reasons, like Feb 1990 at Hammersmith, or 1995 at Brighton and I expect the memories of this to remain too.

Last time round (2015) there was a smile in his step but I wasn’t blown away by the repertoire.


Tonight at the London Palladium he and the band were on sparkling form, reinvigorated. I was expecting rain and got brilliant sunshine.

Mix of Dylan through the years, some remodeled, and some from the old american songbook.  Desolation Row was delightful. Highway 61, Tangled Up In Blue…. pure bliss.

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Jesus on the Mainline – Ry Cooder


Fyling saucers – mmm no it is the dome at the Royal Albert Hall 🙂

On Wednesday night there was news that a rare appearance of the lesser spotted Ry Cooder would take place. And it happened on the stage at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.  As soon as Ry came on the mood changed in the hall and I think is fair to say everyone was spellbound.  I was sat up in gods and hence the poor photo – but I have added a link to the performance on the BBC web site – the 2+hour concert was worth it just for these 4 or so minutes – a master at work.






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Time to sit down and create a plan

It feels as though I have used up all the quick wins on  the “timed” sections in Friston Forest and around Holmbury that I have been riding this summer. My times decreased as I leant the routes and got fitter as the year progressed. And I have been pushing harder and braking later. But now I feel as though I am at a plateau. To go quicker I must be more analytical and critical, thinking about where I loose speed and momentum and what I need to change. I  need a plan for each bend, drop, climb and awkward root if I am going to make further gains.  And I need to be fitter – when I was at school (over 40 years ago) I never managed anything further than 100yds sprint – now I need concerted effort over 2 to 10 mins and 100%  concentration, and a bit of faith. Why I ask myself? What drives me? Good questions…………



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STATISFACTION – a mistyped word? or does it mean “statistics that give comfort”?

My cycling has changed a lot this year – moving to singletrack and now singletrack that is knarly, twisty and downwards in forests and woods.  This has caused me to become quite  competitive with myself – enabled by switching to Strava and checking my times after my ride.  I know I am never going to be the fastest – a lot of the MTBr’s I see must be half my age and younger – but I can still push myself and try for PB’s – a concept so alien to me just 12 months ago.

So as well having good fun and strenous exercise I get Statsifaction (for the time being).

I hope I never get as far as SATISFICTION – statistics with no basis in reality 🙂

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Heading to Wales

After years of thinking about it ……


I made it to two of the MTB Trail centres of South Wales – first up was Bike Park Wales, and then


it was Afan.

And then we were worn out 🙂


100% Concentration 100% FUN




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an English summer’s day


Hello again!  While I have a backlog of blogs in my head it seems hard to write them down but for a starter here goes…

Inbetween decamping Lucy from Uni after 4 years study and attending her graduation last week (massively proud Dad now both “girls” have achieved great degrees and found work) we took a short hol in Cornwall. This allowed us to catch up with some old friends and take a break from the usual and try things we don’t normally do, like shopping at a  car boot fair and visiting a country show.

I must say I was impressed with the Stithians Show (near Truro). After a almost two hours watching several equine events, culminating in a Jumping competetion, I felt I could easily become a judge 🙂 – only joking. After a half an hour admiring  many different chickens I realised how narrow my interests and knowlege are – some of the birds were absolutely stunning while some just plain weird. And then there was a Brass Band, goats, funny looking sheep, some massive bulls, local foods, expensive tractors and ………  All in all it was a very interesting day and yet another reminder that it is good to try things that you wouldn’t normally do because you might really enjoy the experience.




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