Amsterdam: is it going cashless?

Ok I know I am getting old, a bit like this windmill in the Amstelpark, and getting crotchety with it but I should be used to the pace of “progress”. Today the reality that the days of using cash (physical, real money) maybe coming to an end really hit me.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised as I rarely use cash during a normal week, but so far there has always been the option to do so. Twice today I tried to pay for food in Amsterdam with cash and was told sorry but they only accept payment by bank card. To cap it off, at the AFAS Live, I could only get food and drink with tokens purchased with cash, which strikes me as kind of ironic. If this is progress I am not sure I like it. It is like our near total reliance on the internet for anything other than the basics.

I guess our electricity supply is guaranteed and nobody thinks we will have power cuts ever again, but I can remember the dark days of ’70’s and three day working week to limit power use.

Then however much I hope that nobody becomes destitute and on the street I am not sure it will happen in my or my children’s lifetime, so how long will it be be before the street beggars and musicians have to have their own swipe payment devices instead of a hat or old coffee cup?

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