Another Mac attack

I guess computers only break down when you are using them and so it is always inconvenient.

Today, after a challenging discussions in hospital yesterday with my Mum and brother I was researching Assisted Living. I am sure for those who deal with these things day in, day out, it is all straightforward. But for me it isn’t, probably because at the moment there are too many unknowns that feel are critical, and then while there are only a few solutions The choices are immense. Anyway it was lunch time and some shopping was called for, so I switched off my Mac. That was today’s fatal mistake. Tried switching it on again and …. the grey start up screen froze.

Ok I have a back up disc, only 36 hours old and other recent files stored elsewhere – but does anyone really understand Apple speak apart some in Apple and Apple geeks? And actually you need to speak to the Senior Advisors for the deep technical stuff – it must be said they are very helpful and patient. But I must have lost 72 hours of doing more pleasurable things – which, when you are seeing the finishing line zooming up, and the sun is out….

Attempt one: using recovery and reinstalling High Sierra didn’t work. Next attempt using internet recovery had me trying install OX Lion, which is not available, Third attempt gave me a flashing ? Now on attempt four – only 5hrs 27, no 28, no 11 minutes to go ’til I know if the back up disc has worked.

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