Hopefully bad things only come in three’s

Ok things aren’t really that bad – compared to many I am blessed. Things rarely go wrong so I guess I have just got used to things working…..

It it that I am sitting starting at my Computer this afternoon, trying to restore data from a back up that is alas is a month old.

Yesterday I tried backing up from a hard drive that I mistakenly thought was regularly backing up, only to find that it wasn’t – so I had to wipe the computer again.

Now today things seem worse – yesterday evening was beautiful – see photo. However just walking back to my van my head came into contact with a rounders bat, an accident, nothing more, but the resulting ache reminds me so much of my head butting the road five years ago – really must stop trying this form of stupidity.

Morals of the story? wear my bike helmet at all times? Beware of school teachers with rounders bats? Always back up you computer?

Hopefully I will return to normal writing soon.

Ps. no.1 was a post dieselgate engine malfunction that wiped out a Sunday a coupe of weeks ago.

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