Time to sit down and create a plan

It feels as though I have used up all the quick wins on  the “timed” sections in Friston Forest and around Holmbury that I have been riding this summer. My times decreased as I leant the routes and got fitter as the year progressed. And I have been pushing harder and braking later. But now I feel as though I am at a plateau. To go quicker I must be more analytical and critical, thinking about where I loose speed and momentum and what I need to change. I  need a plan for each bend, drop, climb and awkward root if I am going to make further gains.  And I need to be fitter – when I was at school (over 40 years ago) I never managed anything further than 100yds sprint – now I need concerted effort over 2 to 10 mins and 100%  concentration, and a bit of faith. Why I ask myself? What drives me? Good questions…………



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