an English summer’s day


Hello again!  While I have a backlog of blogs in my head it seems hard to write them down but for a starter here goes…

Inbetween decamping Lucy from Uni after 4 years study and attending her graduation last week (massively proud Dad now both “girls” have achieved great degrees and found work) we took a short hol in Cornwall. This allowed us to catch up with some old friends and take a break from the usual and try things we don’t normally do, like shopping at a  car boot fair and visiting a country show.

I must say I was impressed with the Stithians Show (near Truro). After a almost two hours watching several equine events, culminating in a Jumping competetion, I felt I could easily become a judge 🙂 – only joking. After a half an hour admiring  many different chickens I realised how narrow my interests and knowlege are – some of the birds were absolutely stunning while some just plain weird. And then there was a Brass Band, goats, funny looking sheep, some massive bulls, local foods, expensive tractors and ………  All in all it was a very interesting day and yet another reminder that it is good to try things that you wouldn’t normally do because you might really enjoy the experience.




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