Another day

In the grand scheme of things last nights confusion was nothing compared to the atrocities of years gone by in this area of Europe and those still perpetrated by  the perverse behaviours of Dictators and corrupt officials around the world, for which I am grateful that I am not directly affected by, but saddened for those that are.

 What the last few hours has shown me is how reliant some things are on the “smart phone” – I was sent a text to tell me my flight was cancelled – albeit probably hours after it was realised – I got my hotel booking by e-mail – was able to follow my bus journey to the hotel on a mapping app – and now booked a return flight through the Internet – now I have to find a printer (I didn’t think of putting it into my backpack as a weekend essential).  I guess this is all common place for many but I can just imagine the trouble I will have explaining this to my aged mother who still struggles with remote controls.

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