GPS tracking?

Extreme Cycling

Did I really cycle through this house?

A few weeks ago I changed  from the MapMyRide App to Strava, and have now been comparing the results with those from my CatEye Stealth.  What can I report? Well the ascent “calculated” be Strava is  considerably less than that by CatEye, while the distance seems fairly close, however they can be caught out occasionally – see above – I really don’t recall riding through or over this lovely house! I am sure I came down the white path to the right! Riding through house would have been memorable tho’ 🙂

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3 Responses to GPS tracking?

  1. What device are you running the app on?

  2. Jonathan Camac says:

    haha oh gosh, that’s classic! Gotta laugh when small errors like this are made 🙂

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