Old Friends 7 – Ageing

I know I have mentioned it before but it has really hit me again,  this ageing thing – I am not sure whether I get more tired than I used to, or am just more frustrated at being tired because I have things I want to do – I felt guilty sitting down watching TV today after cleaning and maintaining my bike – the bike is still recovering from the shock of being washed :).

Earlier today  a neighbour reminded me we are approaching 60. When we both moved in we  were approaching 40.  We are  looking older, noticeably so. Two old school friends  turned 59 in recent months and I recently attended a  party for another who has just turned 60.  It just seems so  real now that it is those you have grown up with since school days who are hitting the big SIX O .

The remaining numbers now seem more finite; just how many summers are there left? how many great bike rides? how many years can you keep physically fit?  how many more……? yes live for the day, and don’t ask too many questions, and remember your friends.


_DSF1983 Julian and Simon




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2 Responses to Old Friends 7 – Ageing

  1. greenpete58 says:

    My sentiments exactly! I’ve gotta squeeze as many hikes in as I can before I can’t do it any more! (thanks for liking my post!).

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