Saturday arrived with a chill North Easterly wind. This gave me a good excuse to head to the Surrey Hills again to hide from the wind  and continue to practice riding  the singletracks I have become rather partial to over the winter.

This time though I decided to also start exploring the North Downs.

In preparation I subscribed to OS Maps On-Line and plotted a couple of tentative routes to get an idea of distances and topography.

So with these in mind I cycled north over the A25 and up onto Ranmore Common. From there it was west and pick a nice downhill route.  Unfortunately Ranmore Common is not very bike friendly and I found myself on tarmac for a while and then into rather muddy off-roads paths. Eventually I got lucky and found a nice downhill section down to the railway line, then levelling out to go round Deerleap Wood and through Abinger Roughs. Through the Roughs, and on the spur of the moment,  I took a right turn back to the North Downs.  I was feeling good and thought another steep climb upwards was in order.

After puffing and panting I made the top again. I then found more wet and muddy paths through the woods. After a 400yards or so I did a U-turn and retraced my steps back down the hill, veering right part way down and on into Abinger Hammer.  From there it was cross country to Hoe and then road to Peaslake.

Straight through Peaslake, choosing not to ride up Radnor Road, I was sure I would find an off-road route up to Holmbury Hill. And I did, and over half way up I found  a nice gentle section of hairpins and flowing track taking me back down to the road. So it was up again all the way to the viewing point, on to the Yougurt Pots and then over to Leith Hill for refreshment before hitting 3 sections of Summer Lightening.   OUCH – my left thigh started giving me gyp.  Nursing the aching muscle it was one more secton of SL and then a winding singletrack down to Wolvens Lane and limping back to the car via Westcott.

A brilliant ride – And I am feeling pretty good (ingnoring my thigh)

As for statistics:

Cateye had it as 27.12 miles and 3400ft of ascent

Exporting the GPS data to MMR reduced it to  26.83 miles and 2730ft of ascent.

While recording the route on the OS APP gave it as 25.71 miles and 2880ft of ascent (and too many data ponits to upload to the OS Maps on my computer).  Don’t you just love consistency 🙂

I won’t mention speed  – it was pretty slow going – I ought to start the go-slow cycling club.

2016 03 19 Profile


Some previous routes – Variations on a theme

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1 Response to Singletrackmindedness

  1. bribikes says:

    Wow, that is quite the spread of distance and climbing stats. Who knows how far you really went!

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