The Beach Boys – Copyright protection releases

As the second round of Analogue Productions Beach Boy 200gm HQ vinyl releases hit the “shops” – with the mono issues of All Summer Long, Today, Summer Days, Party! and Pet Sounds out last month and their stereo versions out this week I became aware of these……

Three “copyright protection” releases available as digital downloads!

As well as the CD and Vinyl issue of Party! Uncovered and Unplugged released a month or two back.


I am unable to comment on the quality of the content,  as I chose instead to dip my toe in the download arena with the Beach Boys 1968 album Wild Honey – the album missing from both the Capitol/UMe and Analogue Productions Vinyl series.   Arguably the 4 collections above are not as essential in the history of music as the 1965 50th Anniversary Dylan set, but they are readily available and I am sure will be enjoyable.  And don’t forget some of Brian Wilson’s pocket symphonies pure genius – magic music of the highest order.

So the en masse releases of “rock music”, as the time clock ticks, are  an interesting development. What next?  Now watching  as 1966  falls into the 50 year rule (if it still exists) and then we will then get 1967 soon after.  Maybe we will see some more HQ Concert Recordings, and some other studio gems from the Wilson home.

But then luckily others aren’t waiting so long – Bruce Springsteen for example is perhaps now leading the way with his HiRez live downloads, and then there is……it is a struggle to keep up 🙂

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