Bob Dylan – 1965 – 50th Anniversary Collection – review – sort of.. slight update


By now most eagle eye Dylan fans will be aware of the Bob Dylan – 1965 50th Anniversary Collection download in MP3 format and will have found a way to get hold of a copy.

from Columbia Records: 208 tracks encompassing more than ten hours of previously unreleased live Bob Dylan performances from his landmark 1965 tours, including 14 complete concerts – both acoustic and electric – and an array of recordings from television shows, hotel rooms, and other live appearances.

Having been able to listen to a number of the concerts, the quality  of the UK concerts is excellent, alas the same cannot be said of some of the other recordings.  A much more satisfying delve into the archive that last years 1964 set. Ideally the 8 UK concert performances justify a proper release in  higher rez audio or vinyl, they are spellbinding although I guess many will baulk as they have the same set list, and I wonder why thet haven’t been released before.

Now what will next years 50th anniversary set bring?  the complete 1966 UK tour and, and…….? Hopefully they will get the proper bootleg series treatment.




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