Old Friends 6


Old age comes to most of us – and often with it comes frailty.  While waiting for an urgent knee replacement my Mum (on the right) decided , uncharacteristically, to take a holiday, near us, in Sussex.  As a result I have had a few days off and in doing so I arranged for her catch up with her old school chum Audrey, which was nice. What was rather unexpected though when I visited her last Thursday was that she wanted to take a trip into Worthing and see Pete (on the left) in his “retirement” home.

Pete was my Dad’s best man. And they hadn’t seen one another for many years (35?) and I guess I hadn’t seen him since the late 1960’s.

Does he know your coming I asked? No! OK, lets phone him once we get near  just in case you are car sick again. OK.   Ring Ring. Hello. Hello Peter it’s Don! Who? Don? Oh wonderful, yes it would be lovely to see you, when……….

Apparently I look like my Dad. And Dad and Pete used to go to concerts and listen to music, and they started a Cycling Club “the Lancing Wheelers” back just after the 2nd WW.  How much of my life has been pre-programmed?  What was nice was the years rolled back but then the conversation turned to what had happened their old acquaintances – sadly not many are left.

The visit was  over too soon and I felt rather sad.

Plenty to think about – but most importantly make the most of every day you have for it will soon be gone.

PS: An interesting fact I found out was; when my Mum was a young girl she was watching a double-decker bus cross the toll-bridge at Shoreham from her bedroom window one windy day when it  was suddenly blown off the bridge into the river. Out went the cry “Mum”. So my Grandmother  dashed to the Red Lion pub across the road to get help – luckily there were no fatalities.


Found undated and “borrowed” from the web

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2 Responses to Old Friends 6

  1. domnortheast says:

    Hello, my late father (Brian Northeast) and mother (Audrey Elizabeth Leach) both belonged to (and I think possibly met in) the Lancing Wheelers in 1950. I’d like to find out a little more about the club and its members if you have, or know anyone who has, any information.

    Best Wishes

    • Hi Dominique, do you have a list of questions I can ask my mother? I have spoken to her tonight and thinks she might have worked at the same place as your father c 1950. She has some memories of the wheelers and a few photographs.

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