Back in the saddle!

Shoreham-By-Sea bathed in late winter sun

Shoreham-By-Sea bathed in late winter sun

Two weeks ago tomorrow the Doc said it was OK to get back to doing things normally – it was just what I wanted to hear- yippie.

Common sense prevailed and on Saturday afternoon I went out on bike –  I picked an easy sea-front ride from Hove Lagoon to Durrington and back (about 20 miles).

As I wheeled my bike out my garage hail stones fell but they had stopped by the time I started riding. And not a drop came out the sky ’till I finished, when the heavens opened in a cloud burst!

For the ride I chose to head into the wind on the way out and have it behind me on the way back – it worked a treat! And I had the added bonus of stopping for a cuppa and chat with Martin and Joy at the half way point and listening to a Tunisian Jazz singer.  20 miles without a twinge – so good so far.


IMG_2403I am now looking forward to some muddy adventures and re-starting the year after one too many of lifes challenges been thrown our way.

To close today I would like to spare a thought for the person (assumed bike rider) we believed passed away  near the top of the Wrekin on Sunday – I was walking up the Wrekin with Charly and my 90-year-old Father in Law watching MTB’rs climbing up the hill and feeling a bit of envy, while Val followed behind on crutches while her ankle heals.  Near the top we had to stop to allow an Air Ambulance to land – it was a sad scene watching CPR from a distance even for a few seconds while you are working out what is going on. And I will also spare a thought for my dear SMiL who passed away yesterday morning.




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4 Responses to Back in the saddle!

  1. bribikes says:

    So glad to hear you are back on your bike and that the skies cooperated to give you a nice ride!

  2. Some times the cycling gods talk to the weather gods and we get lucky! great job!

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