Saying goodbye to Henry

Really this is silly – I chose to give my Hernia a name – how mad is that?

Anyway, as many will know, injury and body failure can cause quite a shift in what you can and can’t do – it has been a massive reminder how tough it can be especially when you get old and frail.

For me walking has become troublesome, cycling on road just about manageable and cycling off road is a complete no no -?but I am grateful it is curable. I have massive admiration for those who have to live with the incurable.

So today I am sitting waiting for an Op to repair it – I have an hour to go before they trolley me off – and the anxiety is building.

It will be probably 4 weeks before I can cycle again and some parts of me might turn black and blue pretty soon.

Plenty of time for reflection.

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2 Responses to Saying goodbye to Henry

  1. Martin says:

    Best wishes, old chap, for full and swift recovery.

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