Wet Wet Wet

Do I really want to go out in this?

Do I really want to go out in this? View from Jack and Jill car park

Well November has come, and along with it, rain, rain and more rain.  But you can’t let a bit of water stop you doing what has to be done.

Even though it was tipping it down – water was washing down the roads and paths, taking silt and leaves with it and creating deep puddles – it was great to get out on the South Downs earlier today.

Low clouds!

Low clouds!

I was glad I had put on a pair of new mud friendly tyres yesterday and moved up to 27.5 inch wheels – I only lost traction twice and these were as much down to me not being ready for some deep wet mud and then putting too much traction climbing up a wet chalky slope as to the tyres. And I was glad I knew the tracks as visibilty was down to about 50m in places. Alas my waterproof trouses have now finally bitten the dust – after 12 years of occassional service.

For some reason I  cannot fathom how to upload the route map since programme updates have made some unwanted changes – pdf’s will  “load” but you can’t view them – anyway the route was very basic – Jack and Jill car park to Ditchling Beacon and then back via some excursions south – a lowly but enjoyable 5+ miles before water seepage into my gloves, through my over trousers and down collar caused my head to rule and call it day.



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