Stylus Care – The Vinyl Revival

Following on from my earlier posts about record cleaning and the Vinyl Passion Dust Buster I hope you realise that I like my records clean!  So imagine my surprise when the other night I found a bush growing on my stylus – arrgghhhhhhhhhhhh.


You can see the bush where the stylus should be (close up photography is not one of my strong points)

And would it come off???      No, not easily.  Stylus brush, zilch. A 30 year old Goldring ultrasonic cleaner, zilch. Stylus cleaning fluid, zilch . Blu-tak, zilch.  In the end it was coaxing with a modelling knife an old paint brush (artist type, not emulsion wall paint type) and a wiggly bit of blu-tack – mmmm my heart was in my mouth at times – I still haven’t worked out what it was or how it got there – but my first thought that it was a spider accident was proved not to be the case.


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2 Responses to Stylus Care – The Vinyl Revival

  1. 45spin says:

    Brushing the needle off is one of those stressful things that have me imagining that I’m gonna knock the needle off every time I do it.
    I keep thinking that somebody needs to develop a needle vacuum.

    • Hi how is your store progressing – I hope it is going well.

      I’m my earlier days I did manage to accidentally remove one or two stylus cantilevers – I must be getting more careful on some things as I age!

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