A beautiful ride


The outline of yesterdays ride looks a bit like a cats head – What is this telling me??

After feeling rather lethargic for the last week  – work, heavy rain and all that – it was time to hit the tracks again as the Sun came out yesterday afternoon.

I really didn’t feel upto much as I drove towards the Downs.  I had intended to park in Shoreham and head for the “Rings” again, but cut short my drive and parked at Pycombe.


Almost at the top of Newtimber Hill

Instead of heading to Saddlescombe over the South Downs Way, I rode up Newtimber Hill with the hedgerows grabbing at my arms. At the top I was in to open views down to the sea – sheer bliss.  picking up the SDW it was then up to Devil’s Dyke – passing through the remnants of a Rave – oh to be 35 years younger.  


Rave On!

At the top I was feeling good and reckoned Chanchtonbury Ring was a reasonable target.  Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up and about 10 miles later I was there under the trees taking a well earned (even though I say it myself) break. 


Down by the River – almost down to sea level

 I chose then to take the easy route back – off-road down past Cissbury Ring into Worthing then along the seafront before turning inland at Brighton.  I must have been feeling good as instead of following the London Road I took Montpelier Drive then the Dyke Road back up – finally coming down to the A27 on Mill Road.  36.5 miles, 800m of climbing – fanatstic – the last few weekend shorter rides must have helepd after all.


Coming Down.


I think I earnt it.


Heading East – towards Brighton – tarmac is soo much easier than off-roading


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