Musings on Record Store Day 2014

Update: 29 April – Neil Young’s “A Letter  Home” is on general release from Third Man Records – and there is a super doopa box set version for order as well – I just feel sorry for those who were ripped for high prices on e-bay. Check out the Third Man Records Web site and Amazon (where the price has dropped over the last day or so).

The eagle eyed of you may have noticed that I didn’t spend Saturday morning queueing outside a record shop in the hope of picking up one or two of the limited edition records that went on sale.

I did however check out e-bay a bit later in the day and some times since. At one time there were over 7,000 new RSD 2014 items on the site and about just under 16,000 RSD records all told.  At my last look the number of items still totalled over 5,700 with 1,600 of those added over the last 24 hours. So I reckon that probably in the order of 12,000 items have found their way onto e-bay.  Which is great for those where a record shop is far away or you can’t get out because of other commitments –  but boy doesn’t it bring out the opportunists of the world.  I have put a couple of examples below – the REM box set attracted quite a few high prices  but I did see a seller with it at c £50, while I have seen the Garcia album at £25.  There were also a couple of jokers who used the tactic of advertising using NOT RSD 2014 for some normal release – hey ho. So be careful if you follow the e–bay road.


Jeepers Creepers



Having said that there seem to be some who are far too decent as well.

Looking through e-bay I did see some great releases – and I think it is top marks to Rhino again with some of their releases  with their REM, Everly Brothers, Gram Parsons, the Dead and Randy Newman releases (OK for us oldies). While I am mourning the lack of a White Stripes RSD issue and the limited Columbia releases.

The surprise release I have just noticed tonight is a Neil Young album of covers recorded live to disc at Third Man Records – details are hazy as to how many were issued and whether it is really rare or just late hitting the shops.  Anyway for NY fans it should help soften the blow of the delay to the Archives Box 2.

Neil Young - A Letter From Home

Another release that I failed to notice on the RSD web site was an Anne Briggs EP – more of which if I pick up a copy – and a Sun Ra re-issue by ORG.  I also saw a Television live album from RSD 2011 that had passed me by.

Did you pick uo any goodies that you want to share? If so please leave a comment.


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