The vinyl revival? Another record shop bites the dust – goodbye Borderline


My premonition was right – trecking through Brighton last Satuday Borderline had been replaced by a tea shop.


A sad day – damn – they didn’t stay open long enough for RSD so I could be the only one queueing.

So Borderline, with the walls adorned by original ’60’s West Coast Posters and the fabulous Crumb plastic bags (I should have kept one for old times sake) joins the long list of  departed record shops – the ones that sping to mind tonight include Rounder Records, The Record Shop (Worthing), Soho Records, Ray’s Jazz Shop, Mole Jazz, Rhythm Records, The Kingston Records Shop, Beano’s and Vivante – god bless you boys!

Anyway if you know Mr and Mrs Borderline wish them well from me – and thanks for the records I have found there over the years – it is easy to forget, now that we have the internet (and easy-peasy internet shopping), how hard it was to find out about new releases and imports even 10 years ago.  Picks of the bunch must go to when they were upstairs at what is the Komedia and finding the Dead’s One From The Vault and Tim Buckley’s Dream Letter live at the RFH.

RIP 2014


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