Another one off my unwritten bucket list – Janáček’s Sinfionetta – live


After seeing the excellent Royal Concertgebouw some weeks ago performing Beethoven’s 9th I thought I would be a bit more organised and seek out some more of my favourite Classical pieces performed “live”.

First on the list was Janáček’s Sinfionetta.  

Lo and behold the Philharmonia Orchestra had it on last Thursday’s programme.  Seats were available and reasonably priced – and better still my brother said he would join me.  This was nice as it is one of the peices that we inhertied a love for from our Old Man and his record collection.

The power and majesty of the fanfare with a fantastic array of brass, woodwind …… is something to behold – no matter how good a record or hi-fi there is no way you get the same feeling as having the real thing layed out in front of you real time – a real goosebumps moment or two!

It maybe just me but I though the orchestra looked a bit down when the came on stage (I am no expert) but there didn’t seem to be the buzz of the RC or Budapest Festival Orchestra.  Maybe it is an english thing.  But the concert of Bohemian music was enlivened by Jakub Hrůša, the 33 year old Czech conductor, bringing his love of his native music. He really got the orchestra playing – no slacking allowed – and at the end I think the orchestra started to enjoy playing and I noticed the odd smile of satisfaction at the well deserved applause. 

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