Record Store Day 2014 and…. – The Vinyl Revival Continues

As many vinyl hounds will know the 2014 Record Store Day is looming up fast.  This is the day when lots of special issues and reissues are released in limited quantities.  And to get your copy of the item(s) on the release list that you want, you have to join an insanely long queue outside an independant record shop well before the shop opens (or pay through the nose on e-bay).  One the two occasions I have joined a queue I have been lucky – the invading hoards into Brighton somehow just missed the record shop I chose – it had no queue before I started it.  Alas I fear this shop is closing soon.

Anyway the hightlights, for a bloke of my vintage, this year are few and not high priority but here they are nonetheless:

Another Grateful Dead live double – this time from ’79 – an early outing with Brent Myland (the start of my least fave Dead period)

A live Jake Bugg recording

A vinyl version of the Gram Parsons GP and Grevious Angel outtakes

A Sam Baker single and some Vanguard label issues

The first Garcia album – wonderful – as I have found it hard to find a good copy!

What has dropped of the list in the last few days is the one I was most looking forward to – the second installmant of 4 Neil Young studio albums re-issue programme from original tapes; Journey through the Past, On the Beach, Tonights the Night and Zuma.  I have been looking to find a resonable copy of both the middle two for ages.  What is annoying is I bought TNT when it came out but sold it on the belief I would pick up a US original.  Anyway the box has been put back months – so to make up for that here is a link to an article on MF’s web site.

Neil Young’s Upcoming Record Store Day 4 LP Box Set Produced From Master Tapes AAA | Analog Planet.

While missing from the list (in my dreams – with my “rock” hat on) are:

Bob Dylan – Live at the Isle of Wight Festival (vinyl)

White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan (split coloured vinyl)

The Beach Boys – Wild Honey (Stereo vinyl)

Beefheart – Trout Mask Replica (vinyl re-master) and Bat Chain Puller (vinyl)

Tim Buckley – Live at the Troubadour (vinyl)

And just before I sign off ……

I found this lp hiding on Amazon – The Small Faces “Greatest Hits” – cut in mono from original tapes with nothing nasty in the mastering chain! Just like Odgens Nut  Gone Flake lp last year.



I saw it late one night and didn’t read the small print that it is A an B sides from the Immediate Years – so no All Or Nothing – but hell it has three of the best late ’60’s rock singles – period – Itchycoo Park, Lazy Sunday and Afterglow – play loud – enjoy – murky sound – what a voice – what drums – what bass – what organ………they just take me someplace else!


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1 Response to Record Store Day 2014 and…. – The Vinyl Revival Continues

  1. 45spin says:

    I too am pretty disappointed by the delay in Neil Young reissues. As a huge Small Faces fan, I have never seen the album you just purchased. You gotta let me know how it sounds, maybe do a review?

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