“Random thoughts about records on a Friday”

Looking at the weather forecast for this weekend it might be that cycling will be too much “fun”,  with wind anticpated at 35mph and heavy rain,  I might wimp out. Anyway I will be trying some new music on Sunday to make up for it – The Deep Dark Woods and Trembling Bells are visiting Brighton – mmmm should be interesting.

Back to 2 things to do with the serious business of vinyl records and record cleaning

By the way I read that over 30 million records were pressed last year! (http://www.analogplanet.com/)

One of the great things about many of the records being pressed now is the high quality of the vinyl – this hasn’t always been the case – you only have to look at some of the early ’60’s Jazz Records where some record label’s vinyl was kind of noisy – and the super flimsy early “70’s US pressings – but I found these gems stashed away in some mid ’50’s US Contemporary/Stereo records that I thought you might like to look at.

Contemporary Records

A Note on Quality

Contemporary Records 2

Contemporary Records 3

One Cool Cat

Contemporary Records 3 1

Early “stereo” versions of Contemporary Records issued on Stereo Records – confused?

IMG_0677Finally for tonights ramblings I thought I would add a photo of the dust collected on a “new” unplayed record.  “New” is perhaps misleading – it is a record that has been sitting in a paper sleeve undisturbed and sealed in shrinkwrap since it was made in the mid ’60’s.  The white lines are dust.  The record was dirt cheap! Actually this is a Fine Arts Quartet recording of Beethoven on “Concert Disc” records – it sounds amazing.

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1 Response to “Random thoughts about records on a Friday”

  1. 45spin says:

    Those advertisements are great, now if only my records from back then sounded that good 🙂

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