The Vinyl revival – Upcoming treaures for 2014

Update March 2015:  I added a review of Surfer Girl (mono) a few weeks ago as an another page on my Blog if you are interested

Update Dec 2014: See December’s post – Some will be released before Xmas

Update April 2014:  From AS “We do not have any more information about the Beach Boys Re-issues at this time.  Do you get the Acoustic Sounds e-newsletter?  This will definitely be the way that more information is released.”

Update April 2014: Still keeping my fingers crossed – PS you might like to read some of my posts on record care as well.

Update March 2014:  After taking the screen captures from the AS web site back on January they disappeared – who knows when then will see the light of day……

Dear bank manager….

2014 was looking up when I heard the announcement that Music Matters were introducing a run of 33.33rpm Blue Note Jazz re-issues, and that test pressings sounded fantastic.   They really need to be something rather spectacular in this rather well trod catalogue.  One of the first issues is Coltrane’s Blue Train – and I can recall  there have already been quite a few “from the original masters” copies in the last 15 or so years – such as the Capitol mastered one, then you had the Classic Records one at 33.3, then one or two vinyl formulation changes, then the 45 rpm 4 disc set, then the Clarity vinyl 45 rpm set, then an Analgue Productions 45 rpm 2 record set…. I will await a review or two – but there are some cracking titles advertised.  The first two issues should hit the Web sellers soon.

But for me the real humdinger is that Analogue Productions have just sneaked out a Beach Boys 24 lp vinyl extravanganza. I had heard rumours some months ago. I had put them to the back of my mind – and now they look like a reality. The 24 lp’s span from Surfin’ Safari to Holland.  There a number that appear twice – in both mono and stereo. And a few that don’t appear ( Wild Honey, Friends, 20/20, Carl and the Passions [4 of my favourites] and the Christmas Album).  As yet there is no mention of where they are being “cut” or the source tapes but with both Pet Sounds and Smiley Smile being issues in stereo it is possible some are from recent Hi-Rez creations from the session tapes that might just sound amazing.  Thank you Chad K.



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5 Responses to The Vinyl revival – Upcoming treaures for 2014

  1. Ryan L. says:

    I can’t find these on the Acoustic Sounds website. Is that where you found these listings? The formatting looks the same.

    • Yes – they were on the AS web site for about 24 hours – if you go to the AS web site and look for the brochure/catalogue pdf they were in there as well. I fear it is a case of don’t hold your breath. There are upcoming AP releases that have upcoming for a long long time. But ! will keep my fingers crossed.

      • Ryan L. says:

        Yeah, I have the PDF version of the catalogue. I was stoked to see that they’re actually happening after hearing months of rumours about them. So now my worst fears are confirmed: I’ll have to buy both versions of those albums offered in mono and stereo.

      • I think i will have to be careful when they come out – i guess Kevin Gray will be usig the same mastering kit as the new Music Matters 33.333’s. i will be interested in all but especially the new stero versions of those that were only originally mono

      • Ryan L. says:

        Yes, labels are often coy about sources. I’m sure KG will do a bang-up job regardless.

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