Muddy cycling

IMG_0611 29 Dec 2013 IMG_0607 IMG_0613

It was 4 weeks ago I last got out on my off-road bike.

Things and the horrid weather just seem to get in the way.

So I was quite chuffed this morning when I saw the sun shining and the wind was just about 10mph.

Still I had to scrape ice off the car windows before I could head downsward.

On my bike – hurrah – but within a mile I had got both feet soaking wet as I misjudged the depth of the water filled ruts.

So a big Christmas thank you to those lovely Merino Sheep who donated thier wool to my socks !

The paths were in turn rutted with deep puddles, muddy, slippery chalk and sort of OK’ish.

There was one section for about a 1/4 mile where I had to relearn the art of pointing the handlebars about 30°’s to the rear wheel – what fun!

3 more deep puddles, some climbs and descents – 12.5 miles at a snails pace – and I had done enough.

All told it was great to be back in the fresh air.


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