Royalalberthall ’66 revisted?

While it has been a bit of a rollercoaster of a year, sometimes I just can’t believe how lucky I have been.  An example was seeing the Sweeney’s Men in Dublin.  And of the same order of fantasticness, I went with my brother to see “uncle” Bob at the Royal Albert Hall last week.

Was he going to be old mumbling Bob at the piano like a Thunderbirds Puppet – that’s how I remember seeing him at the Hammersmith Apollo (should still be the Odean really) some 10 years ago – gee Mr Tracy…..?

And it was also donkey’s years ago I went to a concert with my big brother – was it really 40 years ago he escorted me to see the Beach Boys at Brighton Dome – Carl and the Passions So-Tough!

Anyway back to The Man §§§§§§ MR BOB DYLAN  §§§§§§ – I thought he was on really good form and I think he kind of apprecaited the crowd. A really good show – thanks!

You will have to look elsewhere for set lists – very few were from his early years (or if they were I didn’t recognise them).  And I could make out over 50% of the words – fantastic – last time it was about 1%.

What struck me however, was how, although well rated, his last albums have been musically dull – are they not oh so very dull musically?  It was highlighted at the show – I thought the band were skilled but too tight and formulaic and BORING yes REALLY BORING – only twice did they get up any steam of inspiration (mind you they are 1000 times better than I would be). Sorry Bob Dylan but I might be right.


A blurry Bob

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