Frustration – waiting for a delvery – aaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

At least the oven decided to give up the ghost before Xmas.

Thought it was too good to be true that I could order a new one on-line and get it delivered on a Saturday.

Last night the automated phone call told me (twice – it called twice!!!) it would be delivered between 07:00 and 09:00 this morning. Mmmm not too bad, no lie in, but no real hanging about  – over 12 hours later I am still waiting – it should be here soon.

Poor communication, several times over and poor estimates – it is hard to believe it could be messed up so badly.

Couldn’t get hold of the driver.

Didn’t know if it was loaded on the van.

Got a revised estimate of 18:00 at about 13:30.

Got a phone call at just after 16:00 by the driver saying he would be here in 5 mins.

45 mins later it transpires he phoned the wrong person – at least I got a text saying sorry – and he would be here 6pmish.

19:30 and still no knock on the door.

Thank you (ironic – in case you are wondering) to B****logistics sub-contractor for messing up my planned Xmas shopping day.


The Oven arrived at 20:00 – The guys were apologetic and looked knackered after a long day – I felt sorry for them – maybe I am a softy at heart.

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