One of the things vexing me recently is the whole retirement/work thingy.  I am coming to the view that if you enjoy what you, don’t stop, even if it is called “work”.

This was bought home to me last Monday when I went to see Lee Konitz at the Queen Elizabeth Hall for an interesting hour of Sax and piano. If Wiki is correct Lee is almost the same age as my dad would have been if he hadn’t passed away 8 years ago – Wow.

And before  Lee Konitz blew his sax for 55+ minutes there was the Kenny Wheeler Quintet. I am a relative novice in the Jazz world and I hadn’t done my homework for the evening. I was therefore not prepared for the main-main to come on stage in a wheelchair, get up out of it slowly, shuffle about a foot to his seat and sit relatively still in front of the mic. with his horn. I was stunned that someone so seemingly immobile would actually turn up to play, and then to play like he did – fulls marks to the man! It was similar to Ornette Coleman shuffling on stage at the RFH  a couple years ago and then blew for his life and was absolutely brilliant. Anyway I really enjoyed the KW quintet and must search out some of thier recordings.


A blurry Lee Konitz at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on Monday 18th November 2013 near the end of a set of Sax, piano and the ocassional signing.

With that in mind I thought I would produce a chart of the ages of some of the musicians I have seen recently, or will be seeing soon,  and not one hasn’t given their all and looked as though they didn’t want to be on stage – fantastic.  Alas I cannot find a way to add the chart tonight – but suffice to say it comprises of  12 performers between the ages of 66 and 86.

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1 Response to Retirement?

  1. 45spin says:

    I think that true retirement only happens after you die. That god they are all still living 🙂

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