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Serendipity and the magic of the Sweeney’s Men

Some words have IT don’t they and serendipity is one. And it is an apt one for last Friday night. We were looking for a place to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary – and Dublin popped its head up – … Continue reading

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One of the things vexing me recently is the whole retirement/work thingy.  I am coming to the view that if you enjoy what you, don’t stop, even if it is called “work”. This was bought home to me last Monday … Continue reading

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Slippin’ and Slidin’ – back on my MTB

I guess I was really lucky to get the first job I applied for after 6 months of “retirement”. And even luckier for it to be one of the most interesting and challenging jobs I have been involved in.  The … Continue reading

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