Mike Heron and the Trembling Bells excellent live show at Reading

Back in early July when we were driving down to Bath, the evening before Charly’s graduation, I tuned into the Mark Radcliffe show on Radio 2 much to the horror of my daughters – Daaaad what is thattttt?????????

Well that was Mike Heron (of the Incredible String Band fame and I appreciate the ISB  were an acquired taste – but they could be magical and unique at their best) performing live in the studio with the Trembling Bells.  I thought it was wonderful.

What was even better was they were to play in Brighton later on in the month.  It would enable me to get over the fact that I had to return a ticket I had bought for an ISB reunion gig in London back in about 2003 as it coincided with the family summer holiday. The bummer for MH and ourselves was the Brighton gig got cancelled due to his arm damage (and is yet to be rescheduled).

In checking to see if the Brighton gig had been rescheduled I found they were playing in Reading (another r/s gig) on Saturday night  a week or so ago – poor Val had no choice but to accompany me.

Well we found the venue – it was a bit like a village hall – arriving to get a good seat I was surprised that there weren’t many people queuing – sacrilege! In the end there about 50 people turned and all had a good view.

Despite the small crown the Trembling Bells and Mike Heron put on a brilliant show – performing mainly ISB songs – it was just a pleasure to be there.  In some ways it felt to me like it must have been watching the Dead or Fairport in their early days – a heady mix of the eclectic, imaginative and improvisational.


The bottom line is I must get to see them again!

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