John Martyn “Live at The Hanging Lamp” Richmond, 8th May 1972 – ON VINYL!

Update 10 February 2015:  What do I know about what records sell?  The Sound of Vinyl Web Site (UMe) has it on sale at £7 – Obviously a too well kept secret.

Browsing the net a few weeks ago I decided to look at the recently released megga CD set of John Martyn’s Island Record years. Impressive and tempting though it is I just felt that if I splashed out on it it would sit mainly unplayed. But to my suprise I found that Universal/Island has released the hitherto unreleased live recording from May 1972 recorded at The Hanging Lamp in Richmond (London) as a limited edition Lp.  Each Lp is numbered and the run is limited to 1000 – so I would guess they might sell out quickly – except that I haven’t seen it advertised in any of the normal record “shops”.

What do you get?  An intimate 11 tracks lasting just under an hour including “Bless the Weather” an 8 minute “I’d Rather Be The Devil” and an even longer “Outside In”.  This is from the period of JM I really like and, if like me, you don’t enjoy CD’s and don’t want the massive Box Set then I suggest you grab it while you can. Nit picking I can’t really understand why it wasn’t spread over 2 slabs of vinyl – at just under 30 mins a side it is pushing the reasonable envelope for an Lp – but it still sounds good, so it is hard to argue against 10/10 for the record company.

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2 Responses to John Martyn “Live at The Hanging Lamp” Richmond, 8th May 1972 – ON VINYL!

  1. greenpete58 says:

    Thanks for liking my post on the Appalachian Trail. I’m a John and Beverly Martyn fan too. I’ll have to check out “Live at the Hanging Lamp.” Cheers!

  2. 45spin says:

    Now that’s pretty damn cool, I gonna have to try and find it

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