Another one joins the rock garden in the sky

Goodbye Lou Reed, enjoy wherever you have gone.

Like many I heard the news yesterday that Lou  has passed on,  and I feel slightly saddened.

I can’t say I had many of his records or was a hardcore fan but those records I have, I am glad I have. They have some absolutely stunning and brilliant tracks – among the best rock music has produced.  Those records have remained essential in my collection for many years and I wouldn’t want to be without them (those being the first 3 Velvet lp’s and 1989’s New York) – maybe one day I will get Transformer again.

I do wonder what sort of music scene we would have had without the Lou Reed and the Velvet’s – truly influential.

A regret I have is I never saw Lou in concert – somehow the timing wasn’t right and I always had a niggling doubt about liking him enough to enjoy a concert of his – in that way I find him like Neil Young (another giant I haven’t seen).  So now I now rue the fact that I had a ticket for the ’93 Velvet reunion our and didn’t go because it was Wembley Arena on a Sunday night – the most unappetising concert venue & timing combination I can think of.

Velvet Underground

Unused – silly me

Anyway life moves on and we can look forward to the 45th Anniversary edition of White Light/ White Heat coming out at the beginning of December -in various editions including a Vinyl Double lp (yippie) – check out the Universal Music web site for more info.

May you rest in peace Mr Reed knowing your work will live on and on..

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1 Response to Another one joins the rock garden in the sky

  1. 45spin says:

    I spent one summer of my wasted youth trying to learn all the songs from Lou Reeds 1974 live album “Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal”. with a band that was more into partying than learning songs so I think we spent a month learning how to play Sweet Jane. To this day I am sure that I learned it all wrong. RIP Lou Reed.

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