Tea and chocolate biscuits

I have just about survived my first full week of being back at work, commuting again to London. I have also been living with my first pair of vari-focal glasses which is a challenge.

One good thing I have found is that there are two bike shops within 5 minutes of the office!  While working has made me appreciate my “spare” time more, albeit with reduced energy levels. The main negative effect at the moment is keeping physically fit – I managed only one trip to the gym and 10 x 1.5 mile cycle rides.

Yesterday it was a day trip to Bath to help Charly get her sorted in her “new” flat ready for the PGCE that starts soon – I am really starting to like Bath.

That left today for some exercise and catching up with life. So in the spirit of productivity I chose my route not only for exercise and rejuvenation but also to catch up with a friend. So off to Worthing I cycled, battling wind, rain and tiredness. Once at Worthing I was met the tea and chocolate biscuits, that were gratefully devoured. Many thanks to Mrs Martin (Joy).  I was also able to deliver a pack of  Optrix CD cleaner to Martin that I managed to locate.


My route today was mainly black top with just a spell off road on the Downs Link (alas I didn’t have enough time to get up on the Downs).  I was really pleased with my pace as far as Henfield (HR a bit high tho’) – up from my previous best of 14 mph average to 14.5 mph – a small step but I’ll take it – maybe aided by  using my inhaler after a couple of miles. And it was really nice to see the sea again after a week in the Smoke -the sun also came out to help drive away the Black Clouds that seem to hanging around me.


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2 Responses to Tea and chocolate biscuits

  1. 45spin says:

    So do you bike while listening to music, I find that I’m faster when I listen to music.

    • simon2013 says:

      Ah – no I don’t – I like to hear what is around me and I might loose riding concentration. But I do listen in the gym and it depends how much effort I want to put in to who I listen to – I tend to play White Stripes for a good work -out!

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