The wonders of listening sessions

Saturday I hosted the second session of EARS – can’t rember what EARS stands for but it is 4/5 of us who have known each other for aaarrrggh over 30 years. and we get together to discuss and listen to music and equipment.  The first session was back around the end of March, only weeks after I had had a serious head/tarmac bike hit on a slippery road that took many many weeks to get over,  and alas I can’t recall the details now but it was good to be with friends.

Anyway one of the A/B tests on Saturday was listening to a CD before and after cleaning.  I have long been an advocate of cleaning vinyl records – which I might write about one day – but Saturday was CD’s turn.  I had bought some CD cleaning fluid a couple of years ago but was too busy and absorbed in other things to  try it. Well every dog has its day, doesn’t it.


The CD cleaner we tried is called Optrix – and wow we were all taken aback by the improvement on what looked like 2 pristine CD’s.  The sound was just so much better – clearer and refined. A third was tried and exposed more of a poorer quality recording – so it still worked but don’t expect miracles on crap recordings.

We then experimented then with Boots glasses cleaner on a CD and the effect wasn’t as marked – by which time we had got bored.

The other gob smackning revelation of the day was the superb (albeit costly) effect of Tony’s home made flat silver Power cables – at which point I felt like giving up.

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