Lu returns from India, the Dalai Lama and other ramblings


On Sunday Lu returned from a 4 week “break” in India where she  helped out in a School and Orphanage.  It was tough at times but very rewarding. She also managed some sight seeing and fell in love with the area around Dharamsala – we were jealous.

What was  nice was Charly making a lovely batch of cakes to celebrate Lu’s return and her 19th birhday.

And Lu having noticed some of my “motivational” books and my current state (dealing with changes bought about by “retirement”) she bought me a book by the Dalai Lama. It is titled “How to Practise The Way to a Meaningful Life”.  I am sure I shall be able to pick some pearls of wisdom from it.  For some I have spoken to “retirement” brings a mixture of issues, and loss of purpose that take time to adjust to. For me I have decided I actually like my work and am returning to it – the challenge is not to loose the fitness I have recovered.


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