Training again and the effect of wind

Despite still feeling tired I went out yesterday afternon on a training session along the  seafront to escape the stifling heat inland.

My original idea was to repeat Wednesday’s route, but the train I caught didn’t stop at Southease. So I started from Newhaven and rode west.

The weather forecast was right – it was cooler on the coast and there was a nice east breeze pushing me along. Instead of failing at Portslade this time, I made it to West Worthing, and then turned round to face the wind.


I ran out of energy by Shoreham only to find, unusually,  the train service severely disrupted. Instead of sitting around I continued on to Hove by which time thankfully the trains were sorted.

Looking at the stats from MMR it is easy to see the effect of the wind (with a bit of tiredness) there was about 4mph difference between being wind assisted and cycling into the wind.

Not quite 38 miles at just under an average of 12mph – must try it next on a road bike – if there is really a 30% difference then I could be getting upto a 16 mph average – probably low for all committed roadies but hey ho.

seafront 2

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