What has happened to my legs – has someone sent them on holiday??

After 3 days of relative inactivity I went out on my MTB again this afternoon – the last ride of July.  I had  planned to ride from Southease, up Itford Hill, towards Eastbourne.  However just a few hundred yards into the first climb I gave up.  My legs weren’t working well and I just felt tired – so over to Plan B.  I hit the road down to Newhaven and followed the coast west. A couple of months ago I rode east from Littlehampton to Newhaven – so I knew the route – flat and easy except for the headwind – target was at least to get to Worthing.


School Summer Holiday Weather!

In the end that proved too much – by the time I had just passed Portslade it felt like everything had dissapeared – was there a death eater near by?  I turned around and made my way back to Portslade Station and caught a train home.

In the end the stats didn’t look too bad and I added another 21 miles of low intensity training, bringing my ride total for July to 275 miles.

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