Brighton & Hove

Perhaps not surprisingly I felt knackered yesterday and the malaise lingered on today. Not that I can sit down and do nothing – alas that is not me.

Yesterday I took up painting (picture variety as opposed to walls) for the first time in what must be 25 years.  I am trying to paint a flower at the moment – one the first batch I have successfully grown from seed.  And wow some of my old paints are still usable – shame about my painting skill tho’.

Today was time for a mooch round Brighton and Hove with the Mrs.  I was rather hoping the high quality vinyl box re-release of Nick Drake’s “Five Leaves Left” would be out – but alas it wasn’t.


My favourite Record Shop in Brighton

I also found myself walking past a flat on Hove Seafront we lived in 25 years ago.  For some subconcious  reason I have been revisting places from my past recently.  Maybe it is easy as I have lived in Sussex for most of my life or maybe I am getting ready for a change…  last week I cycled past i) my Grandmothers house in Goring ii) the Bungalow I lived in, in Durrington, during the Winter of ’63  and iii) the house I lived in as a teenager in Steyning.  While I also found my self reminiscing about concerts and things I had seen and done in Brighton and surrounding places over the years.


Monday morning and the summer crowds have started

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1 Response to Brighton & Hove

  1. 45spin says:

    It’s funny how we end up revisiting our past as we get older, every once in a while I drive by a empty lot where I spent a good part of my youth. No sure why but I always feel like I leave a piece of me when I leave. Excellent Blog and good luck on the painting.

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