Last night Pete, John, Keith and Roger came round and played in my lounge – The vinyl revival continues

A number of thoughts and things collided in my life last night and I found myself pulling out the 2003 3lp re-issue of the Who’s “Who’s Next”.  

I had reviewed it for Vivante’s freebie mag 10 years ago this month and wrote “I now have to be careful playing these 3LP’s in case I wake my daughters up and they creep downstairs and find me scissors jumping around the lounge”.  Well last night one daughter was out clubbing and the other is still in India helping at an Orphanage. What else could I do but put on Naked Eye running into Won’t Get Fooled Again from the live at the Young Vic recordings?

Who's Next

The result? The volume control just kept turning itself up and it just felt like Pete, John, Keith and Roger were in my lounge and yeah it had the same effect as 10 years ago – fantastic!  To me this is the power of good recordings – preferably on vinyl.  Anyway sunshine is calling but I hope to return to the subject of “Who’s Next” when the autumn comes.

The Who

Added for nostalgia

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