New Ry Cooder Live Album imminent (and on vinyl)

Why am I excited about the announcement of a Ry Cooder Live album?


Well on the rare occasion he comes to the UK shores I never cease to enjoy his concerts – and to me he is a performer that is better live than on record – this is not to say I don’t enjoy his records – every home should have at least “Into The Purple Valley” and “Bop Till You Drop“.

Well this new lp has just been announced and I am hoping it will be a good one – from the track listing it should be.  It is advertised as his first live lp for over 30 years – which must refer to the earlier “Showtime” issued c.1977 (another must have) which is the only official Cooder live lp I am aware of, not counting the live “Buena Vista Social Club at Carnegie Hall“.

For the completists there are 2 live promo’s – one for “Boomer’s Story” and one for “Borderline” (not seen), the 4/6 track live 12″ extended single of 1980, the fantastic semi-official “Live at the Vienna Opera House” with David Lindley and some more recent radio archive recrdings. Maybe Warners could dig out those old live promo’s for issue.


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  1. 45spin says:

    Excellent blog, I hope does some stuff from “Paradise and Lunch”

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