Sunshine, Seagull C**p, Stinging Nettles and Brambles

After a couple of quiet but challenging days on Thursday and Friday I kick started myself on Saturday and chose not to head for the South Downs or Seafront but re-tread a circuit around Haywards Heath I had “made” some years ago.

The route comprises of  a fair number short bridle paths joined with short road sections.  It is not massively exciting (well not really exciting at-all except for the last mile of so of single-track) nor do you get geat views, but it fits nicely as a relatively low-intenstity training circuit and I did disturb a deer. The biggest challenge was the vegetation – on some sections the paths had become so overgrown with brambles I feared I was going to be ripped to shreds – but maybe that is too dramatic as I survived with not too many scratches – on another it was hard to judge the terrain due to the height of the grass – and one was stinging nettle alley. But I did have a smile on my face when I got home.

I have now racked up 400 miles on my MTB in the last 2 months and feel my fittness is improving – climbs seem easier and my perception is my HR is reducing for the same output – and my weight has stabilised.

Haywards Heath Rural Loop

Haywards Heath Rural Loop


The ground was hard and bumpy – with much “damage” by horse hooves

To cap it I hit the beach afterwards – and met up with Charly and Val – and a seagull c**pped on my best faded Skull & Roses T-shirt – divine retribution for I don’t know what.


Brighton Beach (pre seagull attack)

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2 Responses to Sunshine, Seagull C**p, Stinging Nettles and Brambles

  1. alastairt says:

    Thanks for leaving comments on my music blog (nicelyoutoftune). Afraid I can’t reciprocate on your cycling posts since I’m physically unable to pedal a bike (result of meccano in pelvis after car crash) but I’m in awe of anyone with multiple vinyl pressings of John Martyn Live at Leeds!

    • simon2013 says:


      I originally intended writing more about records than cycling – have one partly drafted on Blood On The Tracks and have thoughts on one about Ry Cooder, and i will try and listen to the JM pressings

      Take care


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