A shock – having fun on my road bike

About a year ago a neighbour offered me a chance to but a fairly new road/racing bike and at the time it seemed too good an offer to miss.  But really it has languished almost unused.  Strangely last night afte a ride on my MTB I pumped up its tyres (basic maintenance you understand).

I must have had a premonition of something.

Earlier this evening I had decided to retread one of my early MTB routes – a mix of road and a few bridle paths up around Horsted Keynes and Ardingly.  I got out of my front door to see Patrick and his brother-in-law Chris just getting ready to go out on road bikes – so after a quick discussion I swapped bikes and joined them – and what a fun time I had – just the tonic I need at the moment – it just seemed more social than off-roading – and it was just one of the most beautiful evenings with the sun setting over the Mid-Sussex fields.

I guess the time/speed was nothing to write home about – 13.8 mph for 14.3 miles with c 500ft of climbing – a steady climb out through Lindfield to Horsted Keynes and up to Chelwood Gate before turning round and coming back down through Dane Hill and Freshfield Halt- but it was enough – it took me several miles to get used to the gears, brakes and I am still not 100% with the ride and handling – but I will get there.


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