Pier to Pier – cycling with Charly

Charly (eldest daughter) persuded me to pick her up after work and head to the coast for a ride along the seafront – I am so glad she did.  I was still feeling tired after yesterday’s ride on the Downs while my left wrist/thumb  still have not settled down since my crash and I didn’t think they could take any more punishment – so a seafront ride sounded perfect.

In terms of route it was straight-forward ride. We parked on Hove seafront and set off  to Worthing Pier where we turned round and headed back east to Palace Pier, Brighton, before returning to the car.

The statistics were pleasing although still somewhat short of where I want to be; 22.2 miles at an average of 11.9 mph achieved with an average heartrate 5 bpm above my low intensity target, while my max hr was within my Training zone – a different story to yesterdays climbing!

But wow what an incredible evening – the heat of the day had gone leaving a gloriously warm evening that wasn’t too overpowering. The sea was calm and an absolute picture of peace. There were rowing boats and kayaks in the water and walkers, runners and cyclists on the prom.  It is hard for me to remeber such an idyllic eve on this stretch of coastline.

Worthing Beach

Worthing Beach



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