When That Evening Sun Goes Down

Yesterday I was in London in the afternoon and didn’t get home ’till just before seven. It was a beautiful evening so I just had to get on my bike.  I drove up to Ditchling Beacon to save time and hit the tracks with my new helmet on.

From DB I went west for a short distance  before heading south, down into the dips in the hills before coming up and heading for the Chattri again.


Going down the paths was a bit painful on my bruises and abrasions and I took it slowly, gradulaly rebuilding confidence in the behaviour of my forks and front wheel.  From the Chattri I turned round and rode round the edge of the golf course to the Jack and Jill Windmills before heading straight back to the Beacon, arriving before the Sun dissapeared.

I covered 6.6 miles in 52 mins cycling time and climbed nearly 800 feet (240m) – perhaps not suprisingly with the climbing my average heart rate was c 35 bpm higher that Tuesdays lazy ride, and near the top of my gym training zone limit.  I must admit I thought 240m climbing didn’t sound much until I estimated it equate to nearly 200 domestic staircase steps per mile – or the equivalent of cycling upstairs 95 times last night.


PS.  Thank you to Van Morrison for the title – I couldn’t stop myself singing a few lines from his glorious Tupelo Honey lp while out.

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