Another glorious day on the South Downs

After a few days of “family” activity and just one Gym session on Friday I was able to get out on my bike and up onto the South Downs again this morning.

I had decided I wanted to get some climbing practice in today and push myself to see how my general fitness is progressing. I had intended to start at Hassocks but the train I had planned to catch was so full I couldn’t get on. No problem; I caught at train to Burgess Hill and hit the road to the north end of Clayton Tunnel which is where I started my first climb up Woolstonbury Hill. The next  climb was from Pyecombe to Saddlescombe, then to Devils Dyke and on to Truleigh Hill before cutting back down towards the coast but still on the hills eventually picking up the old Dyke Railway line and some street riding to end up at Hove Station.

The temperature hovered around 90℉ – great for the sun tan.  All told I clocked up 800m of climbing in 26 miles at just under 9mph – so still some way to go on my target but a nice distance.

I have put a link below for most of the ride that  includes all the off-road sections – but beware the vertical profile doesn’t look correct.


A welcome snack at Saddlescombe



At the top between Pyecombe and Saddlescombe

The only slight dampener was that I hit a speed bump badly on the way home and said hello to some tarmac and am now my nursing some scrapes and bruises and need a new helment and …….

PS Well done to Andy Murray

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