Monitoring Fitness

Last evening I attempted to follow the low intensity training regime in my local gym – but I thought I might try a bit harder to see what happened.

Monitoring performance could become very addictive – just like a science experiment or piece of research.

Can’t yet work out why I feel as tired after lower intensity excercise for a shorter duration in the gym than when I am out on my MTB, but I felt knackered even though  my average hr was some 10 – 20 bpm less than when I am on my bike – I guess there must be something written on this – my thoughts at the moment are; i) that you get periods of rest cycling, ii) rarely are there 50 minute non stop climbs, iii) that there is possibly less oxygen in the gym? iv) it is hotter in the gym,  and v) I drink Rego after a bike ride but not following a gym session.

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