Feeling better

Early this evening (and what a glorious evening it was) I thought I would be really different and ride the same course I rode 2, 4 and 13 days ago.  Note; it is only the second time I have recorded it fully on MapMyRide – alas I had 2 operator errors on the first two rides.

I was able to push myself a bit harder than I did on the 27th (my previous best time)  – average heart rate and max heart rate were up by about 1.5% and I knocked 2 mins off my best time, averaging 9.7mph ride time for a 14.7 mile off-road route with c 470m of climbing. So I am happy tonight even though I got totally passed by a decent sort of guy on a 29’er.

Still got to sort out the bike tho’ – I swapped over rear wheels and thought I had got rid of the click – but low and behold after about 6 miles it came back. I also identified that my chain now squeaks – but really happy with my newish bars and new rear shock – I just have to remember to switch out of climb mode before charging downhill.


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