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What Am I Thinking?

I am the one standing – we are on the snow covered South Downs near Chanctonbury Ring – I guess I was dreaming of my MTB and one day living at the foot of the Downs.

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Guy Clark – “My Favorite Picture Of You” – the vinyl revival continues – more tales of heartbreak

Dualtone records have just issued this fantastic new lp “My Favorite Picture Of You” by Guy Clark on vinyl – thank you. For those of you who haven’t heard of Guy Clark – he is probably best described as a … Continue reading

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What has happened to my legs – has someone sent them on holiday??

After 3 days of relative inactivity I went out on my MTB again this afternoon – the last ride of July.  I had  planned to ride from Southease, up Itford Hill, towards Eastbourne.  However just a few hundred yards into the … Continue reading

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Brighton & Hove

Perhaps not surprisingly I felt knackered yesterday and the malaise lingered on today. Not that I can sit down and do nothing – alas that is not me. Yesterday I took up painting (picture variety as opposed to walls) for … Continue reading

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Drenched, but happy and tired

It feels as though the weather has returned to that more typical of an English summer today.  About midday the sun was out, so I had some lunch, phoned my Mum, prepped the bike and hit the road…. I had … Continue reading

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Last night Pete, John, Keith and Roger came round and played in my lounge – The vinyl revival continues

A number of thoughts and things collided in my life last night and I found myself pulling out the 2003 3lp re-issue of the Who’s “Who’s Next”.   I had reviewed it for Vivante’s freebie mag 10 years ago this … Continue reading

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Garage Floors

Yesterday fatigue caught up with me after 5 rides covering just under 100 miles and 2.2 km climbing in 6 days. In some ways it was perfect timing as it allowed me to replace my gear cables without feeling too … Continue reading

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Tales of heartbreak – and the vinyl revival

Originally I had expected to be writing more about records (those 12″ black vinyl music discs) than anything else. But I as you may have seen I have been sidetracked. However a couple of nights ago Charly started looking through … Continue reading

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Fun in adversity

To be honest adversity seems a too stronger word to use as late yesterday afternoon was so beautiful. Out and about Wollstonbury Hill the sun shone, the views were fantastic, the light seeping through the leaves in the wood below … Continue reading

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Old friends 5

Just had a great day catching up with Martin and one of his offspring, Gordon, and introducing them to the delights of off-road biking. We rode from near the coast up to the South Downs Way between Washington and Storrington … Continue reading

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