What a beautiful day for being on the Downs.

This is what summer weather should be like!

After another chat across the fence from my “coach” I decided to follow the low intensity regime again for a bike ride this afternoon. To enable comparison I picked the same route as Thursday and the 18th (Foredown Tower (FT) up to the SDW, along to Truleigh Hill, down towards Southwick and turning towards FT before climing upto Devils Dyke and then back to FT).  I tried to limit my heart rate to the lower end of my traing zone with the occasional peaks climbing. In the end I managed to lower my average and peak by 9bpm compared to Thursday.  And as a result my ride time was 9 minutes longer.

Image But I feel better for it.  But the bike still has some annoying noises despite the new bearings – b*****r


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1 Response to What a beautiful day for being on the Downs.

  1. echo says:

    Hello! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following my blog!! Ride on!! =)

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